Completed Project

Bellevue Hill

Architect: Wallce E. Cunningham, Inc (USA)
Builder: BUILT
System: Integrated heating and cooling using centralised 6 Pipe Ground Source Heat Pump
Capacity: 97kW

Project brief/scope:

  • Hydronic underfloor heating
  • Space Heating and cooling via concealed fan coil units
  • Pool/spa heating to design temp of 40deg C
  • Cold plunge therapy (ice bath) conditioning to 7 deg C

CWL Group was engaged to assist in resolving project design constraints on this challenging site for the mechanical / HVAC services. The key problems that needed to be overcome were:

  • Limited air delivery paths for heating and cooling due to the bespoke design brief
  • Space limitations for plant and equipment
  • Council sound level limitations to comply at the property boundary

CWL Group delivered a full turnkey solution for the project brief while overcoming the design constraints using, in house engineering capabilities to design and install the geothermal exchange system. This project used a vertical ground heat exchanger, drilled and installed beneath the structure with a single commercial geo-specific 6 pipe chiller providing simultaneous heating and cooling. The air conditioning system was delivered through whisper-quiet 4 pipe hydronic fan coil units designed and installed to deliver the air through our in house custom designed and manufactured APL ducting system with a combination of covert slots and custom made featured brass grilles. Minor details such as controls and remote thermostats were discreetly installed within custom enclosures becoming virtually invisible. The 40Lk pool doubles as a therapy spa adjustable to 40deg C while the adjacent cold plunge pool benefits from the spa heat rejection capable of reaching 4 degrees C.


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Our Trusted Partners

We engaged CWL for the geothermal exchange and HVAC works on our unique project in Bellevue Hill and were selected based on pricing and their previous experience. It turned out to be the best choice in subcontractors we made for the whole project. Their professionalism, work ethic, expertise and willing to help wherever needed made a highly complex services installation that much easier, and more efficient than expected. I’d like to personally thank James and the site team who put the extra effort in at all times to get our project over the line with remarkable results. Highly recommended Subcontractors and mechanical consultants.
- Theo Elphick, Site Manager, Built
A culture of striving for excellence combined with motivated and dedicated staff is what defines CWL Group. Their workmanship is second to none and it is obvious that all of the staff care about what they do. Commitments are met and exceeded and there are no problems that can’t be resolved. I’m looking forward to working with Clayton and his team in the future and have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.
- Mick Carroll, Bellevarde Constructions
The team from CWL Group are very reliable, responsive and efficient in their work. They go above and beyond to make sure the job is completed at its highest standard. The knowledge of the guys is exceptional. I would recommend the CWL Group team every time!
- Annemarie Rodrigo, Bellevue Hill House Keeper
I want to thank CWL Group for the outstanding work in installing our hydronic heating system. I have worked with many plumbers over the years and I have never seen such a high standard of workmanship. They came in on time and on budget. I cannot recommend the team from CWL Group highly enough.
- Robert & Roberta Cook, Blue Mountains

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