PIR Foam pre-insulated HVAC Duct

CWL Group have invested in Multicam duct making machine to revolutionise the production of pre-insulated air ducting construction

About Pre-Insulated HVAC Duct

Pre-Insulated HVAC Duct is an excellent alternative to traditional galvanized steel (sheet metal) ductwork and is ideal for specifications where space or weight is restricted.

Compared with heavy galvanised sheet metal ducting that requires a seconds step in the installation process to both vapour seal and thermally insulated the ductwork, PIR foam air duct offers a high performance lightweight and robust ductwork system that required only a single fix installation process

This not only makes it a high speed operation for projects on which time is critical but also provides the advantage of considerable savings in cost and space. It can make a saving of over 20% in operating costs over a 30 year life.


The duct is fabricated from PIR Foam Pre-insulated duct panels and accessories by a set of specialised tools. The panels consist of 20mm thickness PIR foam insulated faced on both sides with 80micron thickness aluminium foil, or inside with 80 micron thickness aluminium foil outside with 200mm micron thickness galvanized iron (sheet metal).

CWL Group supply the full set of accessories and tools required to fabricate the duct.

Ductmaker System Key Benefits.

Our ductmaker software comes with and extensive parametric library of components allowing full control of the panel configuration and dimensions.

All panels can be nested to maximise sheet usage and reduce material cost. you can also choose other software products such as CAMDuct.

Complicated panels made easy

No second cuts, no mistakes

Panels come off machine perfectly, ready for joining

Any shape, curves, angles or straight

A simple click of the mouse transforms the nested files directly to the Multicam Ductmaker ready for processing. Once the machine receives the program the components are then produced exactly to specification whether it is a simple one-off or mass production.

CWL Ducting Services
CWL Ducting Services
CWL Ducting Services

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